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The probe-card is a crucial part of a wafer test set-up and is the mechanical interface between a test system and the bond-pads on the wafer. Probe-tip misalignment, high contact resistance, and signal leakage will cause inconsistent test results and possibly even rejects. Eliminate this variable by checking and managing the probe-card physical and electrical condition. The Manager V informs you quickly and accurately about the condition of your probe-cards. 

A physical check of the probe-tip locations in 3-D (X/Y/Z) will generate a detailed status report and the necessary repair instructions. Electrical verification informs you about the contact resistance throughout the entire probe-card, all the way to the probe-tip, as well as the leakage between the probe-tips and their connections.  

Our product portfolio consists of 6 products: Supervisor IV, Manager III, Manager V, 3D profiler, Scrubmark analyzer, OS tester. 


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